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Special Education

Special Education Department: 

The Special Education Program offers specialized instruction and supportive academic services to students who have been identified as being eligible for special education services as a result of a Special Education TEAM Evaluation and who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Students’ special education programs are individualized. Some examples of supports and services are classes co-taught by general and special education teachers, or classes supported by special education paraprofessionals. Learning Center Classes that offer substantial support to students that require a higher level of modification to curriculum.  Students may receive additional individual or small-group services, such as reading instruction or speech and language therapy.

Contact Information:

(781) 246-0810

Victoria Colaianni – Administrator of Special Education

Suzanne Casaletto- Special Education Department Head

Child Find Program

Public Notice

It is the responsibility of the Northeast Metro Tech Public Schools to identify any child who is a resident of Northeast Metro Tech, who may have a disability, regardless of the severity of the disability.  It is also the responsibility of the Northeast Metro Tech Public Schools to evaluate those students to determine if they are eligible for special education or related services under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) or 603 CMR 28 (Massachusetts Special Education Regulations).

If you suspect that your child at any age may need an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services, you may request an evaluation, at no cost, at your district school.  Please contact the Special Education Administrator  at your child’s district school for information about referring your child for evaluation.  Contact information for each school is listed below:

Northeast Metro Tech High School: Victoria Colaianni, Administrator of Special Education (781) 246-0810

If you have any concerns regarding any child who may be considered homeless pursuant to the McKinney-Vento Act, please contact:

Tracey O’Brien, Assistant Superintendent (781) 246-0810


What is a SEPAC?  Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) are required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as outlined in the Massachusetts Special Education Law, Chapter 71B.The purpose of our SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) is to provide parents of students the opportunity to talk about common interests and to advise the school committee about the education and well being of students. The SEPAC educates and promotes awareness of special education services provided to all eligible students in the school system. 

A Knight Out on the Town! March 18th 5pm-8pm

SEPAC Contact Information:

Would you like to join the NE SEPAC?   

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Northeast SEPAC By-Laws

Meeting Dates SY 23/24

SEPAC NE 2023/2024

Additional information and useful links:

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