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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a school-based and a work-based program. Students continue to receive their academic training in the traditional classroom setting at Northeast while spending their practical (shop) week employed by area businesses. Students perform work best suited to their qualifications and educational needs while employers evaluate the students’ progress according to their predetermined standards. Students will receive no less than minimum wage from their employer, with the exception of those industries not covered by minimum wage laws.

Students must meet Northeast’s prerequisites before entering the program. Cooperative Education gives a qualified senior and 3rd trimester Juniors practical work experience related to their vocational area. It also allows the student to refine his/her skills prior to entering the work force on a full time basis. Cooperative Education develops proficiency in a trade area, helping the student to assure a smoother transition into the career of their choice.

For more information on the Cooperative Education Program for 2021-2022 including enrollment forms and criteria, please contact co-op coordinator Rose Pisani at or 781-246-0810 x1308.  You can also reach out to the following Co-op Liaisons:  Jean Mills, Peg Canning & David McDonald.

 Listed below please find links for program criteria and required forms.


The George E. Lodgen Library is a learning resource center for all programs, both academic and vocational, and provides printed and non-printed materials for use by the students and staff.

For more information, you may contact the Library Media Specialist PJ Feynman at 781-246-0810.

School To Work Program

The School-to-Work initiative is a national movement to link school and work giving students the skills and knowledge to move easily from education into the work force. Curricula include industry based skill standards that will help insure that our graduating students achieve business and industry’s expectations. Integrating the curriculum and providing work-based learning help students become lifelong learners by understanding the correlation of ALL subject areas with real work or life situations.

School-to-work programs promote good high school education leading to good jobs and/or a college education, resulting in a productive and satisfying life. Students enrolled at Northeast Metro Tech High School receive the benefits of a strong school-to-work program and are ensured a meaningful work experience. Whether this involved job shadowing, cooperative education, internships or projects, the students are introduced to the realities of the work world. Whether choosing to go on to further their education or to move directly into employment, Northeast students are focused and prepared to meet the demands of an adult venture.

Special Education

The general aim of the Special Education Department is to provide educational support to students who cannot make effective progress in the regular academic program and are below grade level in academic subject areas as designated on an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Services are available to students on a referral basis in accordance with state regulations (603 CMR 28.00) and federal regulations (IDEA). Students diagnosed as having eligibility for special education services are offered modified programs of instruction while being fully integrated within our school.

Reading support is provided to students as identified as part of an Individualized Education Program as a supplement to English and MCAS classes.

Student Newspaper

The Newspaper Club at Northeast Metro Tech aims to gather, foster, hone and unleash the creative, artistic and analytic talents of our students. Student interests drive what our publication, Knight Vision, includes. With the guidance of staff members (who have worked as professionals in the media industry) students gain experience reporting, writing, drawing, painting, photographing and/or digitally creating content important to themselves and the Northeast community.

Any student interested in sharing his or her vision should email Mr. Turco at to find out more. Everyone has something important to say…

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