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At Northeast, we don’t believe our obligation to our students’ education ends when they graduate. To that end, each year Northeast’s Scholarship Committee provides graduating seniors with approximately $25,000.00 of awards. These awards go to individuals going on to further education, into the work force, or into the military. These funds come from alumni, friends, and family of Northeast (there are many memorial scholarships – a wonderful, lasting tribute to someone who has passed away) and from area businesses. We have our own school-based application and awards criteria. In addition to our Northeast funds, we endeavor to help our students apply for outside scholarship and award monies, and in recent history, those amounts awarded have averaged well over $150,000.00 a year.

Please visit the Senior Scholarship Application link for your opportunity to earn scholarship money. 

For more information regarding Northeast’s Scholarship Committee, please feel free to contact:


Ms. Tracey O’Brien
(781) 246-0810, Ext. 1637

Complete the application, save the file and attach it to an email and submit to Mr. Richards, Chairperson at or download and print the form, complete the application and bring it in to Ms. O’Brien at school.

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