Northeast Golden Knights


Athletic Philosophy 

  •  It is a great asset having 12 diverse communities in our school, through this diversity and with the involvement of the athletic program we are able to provide a foundation for success.
  • Athletically we instill a work ethic, accountability, and pride.
  • We stress to our students that they are students before they are student athletes and they must be successful in the class room to be successful on the athletic field.

Athletic Programs

  • 15 varsity sports programs and cheerleading
  • Fall and Winter Intramurals
  • As much of a no cut policy as possible (we want everyone involved)
  • No User Fees! 
  • Transportation every day
  • All Coaches CPR certified
  • All Coaches are certified (or in the process)
  • Full time trainer available
  • Northeast website provides all electronic forms needed for participation
  • Concussion policy is available on the Northeast website

Registration Process

  • Go to school website
  • Hover on athletics
  • Click on Registration
  • Create an account (registration requires a student ID number, freshman please input 1234 since
    you have not been issued an ID number yet)
  • Registration will open mid July and will remain open until sports begin.

MIAA Requirements

  • Physical examinations every 13 months to be eligible (the only paper form needed to
  • Passing grades (can’t fail shop or exploratory) can’t fail two academic classes
  • 4 years of eligibility beginning freshman year

NCAA Requirements

  • Eligibility on the Division I and Division II level is based on a minimum 2.3 GPA
  • 16 required core courses, (10 of which must be completed by 1st semester of
    senior year)
  • College Prep and Honors classes are mandatory to attend these institutions

Fall 2024

  • Fall Sports begin the week of August 19th with football being the exception
  • Golf, Boys and Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country and Volleyball
  • Football begins on Friday August 16th
  • Cheering Begins on Monday August 19th

Transportation for fall preseason is provided, there will be a bus schedule posted on the school website.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me
Welcome to Northeast and the Northeast Family!