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Northeast Metro Tech Van Sideswiped in Revere, Other Driver Arrested

Superintendent David DiBarri reports a van owned and operated by Northeast Metro Tech was sideswiped in Revere this afternoon.

At approximately 1 p.m., a passenger van returning from a vocational work site in Winthrop was sideswiped when another motorist, traveling in the same direction, drifted into the van’s lane on Elliot Circle. The crash resulted in minor, repairable damage to the van.

Two students were evaluated by emergency medical personnel and transported to the hospital as a precaution, but no life-threatening injuries were reported. A total of 10 students and one instructor were on board the van at the time, with the instructor driving the van.

The other motorist, a 45-year-old Revere woman, was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol, according to police. Superintendent David DiBarri and Northeast Metro Tech officials have been in contact with the families of the students as well as the Massachusetts State Police, which is investigating the crash.


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