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Northeast Metro Tech Students Refurbish St. Joseph’s Church Sign

Some of the students who participated in the project to redesign and refurbish the sign at St. Joseph’s Parish in Malden stand with the sign. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

WAKEFIELD — Superintendent David DiBarri is pleased to announce that Northeast Metro Tech students from the Design and Visual Communications, Carpentry and Electrical shops teamed up to redesign and refurbish the sign for St. Joseph’s Parish in Malden. 

The church recently contacted Northeast Metro Tech to inquire if students could help with the church’s aging sign, and teachers and students gladly agreed to take on the project.

Design and Visual Communications students began the project by drafting designs for 23 different signs, which were then presented to the church’s management team so that they could select their favorite. 

“It was fantastic for our Design and Visual Communications students to have an opportunity to lend a creative hand to such a strong part of the Malden community.

The Saint Joseph’s Parish existing sign was in need of a structural and aesthetic enhancement, and we chose to address this as a lesson for the entire junior class of Design and Visual students,” said Design and Visual Communications Instructor Brian Peluso. “The lesson began with a download of key project information and expectations, exposing our students to the importance of client relations and order intake. We then had each student create their own version of an updated signage solution.”

Once a design was selected, Carpentry students obtained sign board material with a blue face and a white core. The material was then put into a machine that carved out new lettering, exposing the white core of the material. 

Electrical students then added lighting to the sign so that the logo will remain fully visible at night.

“This project was a great collaboration opportunity between all three vocational programs,” said Carpentry Instructor Rick McGinnis.

The sign was installed by students in June, and news of its refurbishment has been noted in the church’s weekly parish bulletin. 

“We are so humbled and appreciative of the beautiful work and all the time and effort the many departments, staff, and of course students of the ‘Voke’ gave to add this beautiful piece as part of our ongoing spruce up and restore project,” said Father Anthony Mecha at the sign’s unveiling. 

“There are few things that I enjoy more than seeing our students use a hands-on approach to learning and creating, while also using their growing skills to benefit our sending communities,” said Superintendent DiBarri. “Congratulations to all of the shops and students who took part in this great multidisciplinary community project.”

“The new sign looks fantastic and our congregation is extremely grateful for the support from students,” said School Committee Member Michael Wall, who is a parishioner at St. Joseph’s. “Our students are building skills and abilities on a daily basis at Northeast Metro Tech, and the quality of the students’ work on this project really shows what they can do when they work together and apply the lessons they have learned.”

The redesigned and refurbished sign for St. Joseph’s Parish in Malden, which was designed and rebuilt by Northeast Metro Tech students. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

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