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Northeast Metro Tech Students Create Scrim Banner for Fence of Building Site

Students hold up a 6-foot by 60-foot scrim banner that will now adorn the fence of the Northeast Metro Tech construction site. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

WAKEFIELD — Superintendent David DiBarri is pleased to share that Northeast Metro Tech students created a 60-foot scrim banner for the fence of the new school building site at Northeast Metro Tech. 

Over 20 senior students in the school’s Design and Visual Communications program designed the  banner as part of their studies after a representative of Gilbane, the school project’s construction manager, reached out. The students worked in the Studio 12 design firm that is part of the Design and Visual Communications shop under instructor Brian Peluso. 

Studio 12 is run like an actual design firm so that students can learn a pathway of skills, techniques, and gain a realistic understanding of client relations and expectations. 

While most scrim banners are utilitarian and pedestrian, students designed the scrim to tell a story about Northeast Metro Tech, its students, and its communities.

Students worked in design teams, each of which created a specific panel. They presented the panels to the client, Gilbane, just like a professional design agency would and then received feedback on their designs, working with Instructor Peluso as a creative director. 

“It was a truly moving experience for our client as well as the class,” said Peluso. “Our students have a renewed sense of pride and involvement in the school and community at large — as well as a more-defined idea of what opportunities and career paths await them after graduation.”

The banner was installed on the construction site fence on Friday, April 5, with students who helped design it in attendance. 

“Being able to work on such a big project for the Gilbane construction company was such an unexpected opportunity to be given,” said Kariana Franklin, a Design and Visual Communications senior from Chelsea. “Working as a team and as a shop helped us make a piece that represented the school, the students, and its community. We’re all proud of what we’ve made together.”

“It was really exciting to see what the class was able to accomplish in a group,” said Ash, a senior. “It was also really rewarding to know our work is where everyone will see it.”

A section of the scrim banner. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)
Shannon Sturtz of Gilbane and Northeast Metro Tech Design and Visual Communication Instructor Brian Peluso stand next to the scrim banner. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)
Students pose with the scrim banner after it was attached to the construction site fence. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)
A group of Studio 11+ and Studio 12 design students stand with the scrim banner after it was attached to the construction site fence. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

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