TELEPHONE: (781) 246-0810


2023 - 2024


for Students


Tracey O’Brien
Administrator of Student Services
781-246-0810 x1637

Victoria Colaianni
Special Education Administrator
781-246-0810 x1643

John O’Brien
Assistant Principal
781-246-0810 x1639

James (Jay) Picone
Finance Director
781-246-0810 x1628

Russ Mezikofsky
Vocational Dean
781-246-0810 x1630

Joseph Papagni
Academic Coordinator/ Vocational Dean
781-246-0810 x1652

Jarrod Richards
Vocational Dean
781-246-0810 x1638

Joseph O’Brien
Educational Data Coordinator
781-246-0810 x1649

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