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Northeast Metro Tech Vocational Dean Named to Board of Directors of The Light Foundation

From left, retired Patriots Hall of Famer Matt Light and Northeast Metro Tech Vocational Dean Russ Mezikofsky. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

WAKEFIELD — Superintendent David DiBarri is pleased to announce that Northeast Metro Tech Vocational Dean Russ Mezikofsky has been named to the board of directors of the Light Foundation — a non-profit that seeks to motivate and support youth.

The Light Foundation was founded by retired New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light while he was still amid a football career that landed him in the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

The foundation seeks to motivate youths by taking them out of their usual environments, and helps them develop the skills, values and mindset they need to create meaningful and productive futures. 

Dean Mezikofsky and Light have known each other personally for about a decade. Dean Mezikofsky, who is also a photographer, has photographed numerous events for The Light Foundation, which led Light to invite him to join the non-profit’s board of directors as the board sought to add educators to its membership. 

The Light Foundation, due to its focus on youth, recently added both Dean Mezikofsky and another board member with educational backgrounds. 

“Since we’ve known each other for so long he realized it would be great to have people from the education community involved in the board,” said Dean Mezikofsky.

Dean Mezikofsky hopes the new relationship will enable The Light Foundation and Northeast Metro Tech to form a working relationship, with the foundation helping Northeast students and Northeast students contributing to the work of the foundation.

“The kids The Light Foundation helps are kids who might be in rough situations, and they remind me a lot of some of the kids who go to Northeast,” Dean Mezikofsky said. “I want to get Matt to come to the school and we want to get more Northeast kids involved in The Light Foundation programs.”

Mezikofsky spent seven years as a teacher at Northeast Metro Tech, and has served for the past four years as a Vocational Dean, overseeing six shops and half of the freshman class. 

To learn more about The Light Foundation, visit:

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