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Northeast Metro Tech Students Get Safety Harness Training from Gilbane Building Company

Representatives of Gilbane Building Company, Guardian Fall Protection, and Colony Hardware provide Northeast Metro Tech students with a demonstration of the latest safety equipment. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

Superintendent Dave DiBarri is pleased to report that, as part of the new Northeast Metro Tech building project, students in the construction trades got real-life experience and training in the proper use of modern safety equipment and practices thanks to the project’s construction manager, Gilbane Building Company and the project team.

In support of the school’s mission to educate students through experiential learning, Gilbane and the project team enlisted Guardian Fall Protection and Colony Hardware to ready students for their entry into the field, demonstrating construction site best practices for fall protection. Gilbane, Guardian Fall Protection and Colony Hardware gave a one-hour demonstration with jobsite simulation with a student volunteer. Angel Santana, a junior carpentry student from North Reading, volunteered for the demonstration, getting a unique opportunity to experience a jobsite experience that afternoon.

“The main objective of this training was to ensure our students are trained in using the latest best-in-class safety equipment by those with first-hand knowledge and experience in the field. We are extremely grateful to Gilbane, Guardian Fall Protection and Colony Hardware for organizing and presenting this training,” said Superintendent DiBarri. “Gilbane has been a great partner to Northeast Metro Tech, and this is yet another example of the ways in which the company has really gone above and beyond.”

The demonstration was one of several Gilbane and the project team have put on for Northeast Metro students this year. Other presentations were focused on topics such as safety, injury prevention, and guidance from the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

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