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Northeast Metro Tech Graduate Wins Twice at Elites Trade Championship Series

At left is Craig Childress after winning the Elites Trade Championship Series in Tampa Florida, and at right is Childress after graduating from Northeast Metro Tech in 2003. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

WAKEFIELD — Superintendent David DiBarri is pleased to announce that a Northeast Metro Tech graduate took first place in national plumbing and HVAC competitions held in Florida. 

Craig Childress, of Peabody, a 2003 graduate of the Northeast Metro Tech Plumbing Program who now works in Facilities Management and Operations at Boston University, won first place in both plumbing and heating/ventilation/air conditioning at the Elites Trade Championship Series held in Tampa, Florida. 

The private contest pits plumbers and other tradesmen against each other in timed competitions. It was featured on CBS Sports in December. 

Childress won $50,000 in prize money for his effort, earning victory over more than a dozen other HVAC technicians and plumbers during the annual contest. 

The competitions were developed by Intersport and Ideal Industries, a tool and trade component manufacturer. 

“It was unbelievable to be able to go down to Florida and be celebrated for working in the trades,” said Childress. “These competitions were a great opportunity for all the competitors to go down and showcase what we all love doing everyday.  Winning both the plumbing and HVAC competitions was beyond anything I had hoped for heading down to the competitions. Winning with my wife in the stands cheering me on made it that much more special for me.  Northeast Metro Tech was an important part in building a strong foundation for my future. I am forever thankful for all of the teachers I had at Northeast that helped me start my career in the trades.”

“Craig Childress is a great example of the places that a Northeast Metro Tech education can help to take you,” said Superintendent DiBarri. “We are extremely proud of Mr. Childress and wish him well as he continues on with his impressive life as a tradesman.” 

To learn more about the Elite Trades Championship Series, visit:

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