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Senior Assembly Fri 9/14 Recap

Hi all,

Below is the information from the assembly.  The microphone was cutting in and out so you may have not been able to hear me.  Make sure you are continuously checking your school email because important information and announcements will be sent out to you.  Also, all of the information will be posted on to the Class of 2019 twitter account, @northeast2019.

FUNDRAISER:  We are selling popcorn as our fall fundraiser.  They taste very good.  They should be an easy sell.  Remember that the more you sell the cheaper the prom tickets and senior costs will be going forward.  If you need another sheet I have plenty in my room, 09.  Fundraiser sheets are due back to me by 9/28.

SENIOR DUES:  Senior dues will be $70 this year.  Cheapest they have been in a long time, so be happy.  They go towards Kowloon, field day, sign out breakfast, etc.  Cash or check (made out to Northeast Class of 2019) is due to me by Friday, February 15th.  Don’t waste time getting this to me.  My advice is to pay it early so you have nothing to worry about later.

CLASS ELECTIONS:  We will be having class officer elections from 9/24-9/27 via google forms.  I will send out the link 9/24 and the voting will be open until ThursdayIf you are planning on running for office your paperwork is due back to me by this Wednesday 9/19.  You are not allowed to campaign until you bring me all of your paperwork.

SENIOR SWEATSHIRTS:  We are selling senior class sweatshirts.  They are $35 each (or $43 if you want your name stitched on it)  They have our logo on the front and a gold 19 on the back.  If you didn’t get an order slip Friday, the order slips are in room 09.  Those are due back to me by October 12th.

Congrats on making it to senior year.   I look forward to working with the class of 2019 to make this year a great one!

Mr. Kelly

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