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Seventy-two Northeast Metro Tech High School Students Receive Adams Scholarship

WAKEFIELD — Northeast Metro Tech High School Principal/Deputy-Director Carla Scuzzarella is pleased to announce that 72 seniors at the high school are among their peers statewide to receive the state’s John and Abigail Adams Scholarship.

This scholarship is available to students whose MCAS performance puts them in the top 25 percent of their district. To be eligible, students must either score advanced on one exam and high proficient on the other two, or advanced on the English, Math and Science exams.

“We routinely have a high number of our students qualify for the Adams Scholarship, and the Class of 2023 is no exception. This is a special group, who came back to school under very difficult circumstances in 2020-2021, and took the MCAS exams seriously in spring 2021,” said Principal Scuzzarella. “We are extremely proud of our seniors and the example they have set for our younger students.”

Recipients of the Adams Scholarship are granted four years of free tuition at Massachusetts state colleges and universities. Students who receive the Adams scholarship must complete their college program in four years or less and maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade point average.

Northeast Metro Tech recently honored its scholarship recipients with a breakfast for students and their parents on Friday, December 2, 2022.

The following Northeast Metro Tech High School seniors have earned an Adams Scholarship:

Chelsea — Adriana Ulloa, Emilio Carpio, Johanna Castillo Mejia, Lisette Barrera Gonzalez, Abraham Molina, Leslie Mazariegos, Josean Cetina, Carla Garcia Colon, Jaiden Santos, and Angel Umana Hernandez

Malden — Thalia Picon, Katrina Sullivan Leeder, Sabrina De Aragao, Robert Maltacea, Massimiliano Mitrano, Amelia Shwartz, and Escander Habda

Melrose — Julien Lauzon, Lindsay Sullivan, and Sean Lakacha

North Reading — Emma Davidson, Maria Grgurovic, Teagan Gallagher, and Claire Wilson

Revere — Dante Faiella, Alyssa Particelli, Jayro Aguirre Lemus, Chris Gutierrez Hernandez, Aimee Gomez Urrea, Omar Leon Prieto, Madison Hennessey, Daniela Umanzor Zavala, Abdessalam Ghchioua, Anthony Re Norena, Sebastian Mendoza Martinez, and Josue Pais

Saugus — Jackson Mellor, Heidi Perlera, Gianna Guarente, Juliana Quiles, Jenna Wray, Guilherme Cabral Maia Gomes, Tyler Rich, Kurt Bates, Kenneth Ibarra Suarez, Jake McLaughlin, Nicholas Raftelis, Kevin Danieleto, James O’Connell, Corey Rich, Jack Saraceno, Aidan Andrews, Ryan Cheek, Joseph McGrath, and Tyler Trumpler

Stoneham — Grace Thorburn, Cristian Rodriguez, Mason Pearsall, Kevin Selter, and Anthony Wood

Wakefield – Alexander Bedrosian, and Daniel McDermott

Winchester – Logan Challant

Winthrop – Daniel Healy, Kenneth Webber, and Emily Delgado

Woburn – Krisna Vincent, Michael Conners, and Britney Fentress

About the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship:

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a merit-based program that provides a credit toward tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university. For this scholarship, merit is based on student scores on the 10th grade Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test. The purpose of the award is to reward and inspire student achievement;

help attract more high-performing students to Massachusetts public higher education; and to provide families of college-bound students with financial assistance. For more information, click here.

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