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Photography Details for 2019 Graduation with Lifetouch

Graduation Photography: Lifetouch will be providing professional photography services at graduation. Register to be notified when event images and proofs are available for purchase at
  • Everyone will be photographed however there is no obligation to purchase photos
  • Complimentary proof sets will be mailed home within 14 business days. Please do not set up cameras during the ceremony as they detract from others’ view
As in the past, all students’ images are placed online.  In addition, all graduates’ families receive a proof set mailed home at no cost.  Graduates and their families may elect to purchase online or utilizing the proof set provided.
We encourage all graduates to pre-register their emails on the website so that they will be automatically notified the moment images are posted.  When pre-registered, graduates and their families will also qualify to receive exceptional pre-event discounts on new products for the Class of 2019.

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