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Northeast Metro Tech Hosts Assembly on Civics with Local State Representatives

State representatives and Northeast Metro Tech leadership stand together following an assembly that taught students about civics and state government. From left are: State Rep. Jessica Giannino, Assistant Superintendent Tracey O’Brien, English and Social Studies Department Head Lou DelGaudio, Superintendent David DiBarri, State Rep. Kate Lipper-Garabedian and State Rep. Steve Ultrino. (Courtesy Northeast Metro Tech)

WAKEFIELD — Superintendent David DiBarri is pleased to share that Northeast Metro Tech hosted an assembly with three state representatives from the district’s sending communities to educate students about civics and state government.

The 2024 Annual Northeast Civics Assembly was held on Friday, May 24 in the school’s cafeteria, with state Reps. Kate Lipper-Garabedian, of Melrose, Steve Ultrino, of Malden, and Jessica Giannino, of Revere in attendance.

The assembly was created in response to the Gov. Charlie Baker administration signing into law An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement, which made civics projects required for all students. 

All three state representatives engaged in a question-and-answer session with Northeast students, fielding a range of questions about their positions and responsibilities. 

“The 2024 Northeast Metro Tech Civics Assembly was an all-around great success and exciting endeavor for our community. Being able to connect students with inspiring and well-established lawmakers is an invaluable experience for all parties involved,” said Lou DelGaudio, English and Social Studies Department Head. “The legislators were able to deeply connect with our diverse student population, largely because of the sincerity and dedication that they exuded on stage when answering the students’ questions. Students asked pertinent and relevant questions and were given the opportunity to engage in civil discourse with those who are in a position to make legislative change in their own communities.”

“Having the opportunity to speak with the students at Northeast Metro Tech regarding our work as elected officials was an absolute pleasure,” said Rep. Ultrino, of Malden. “It was heartwarming to see so many students engaged and curious on a variety of issues concerning themselves and their community!”

“It was a pleasure to join my colleagues at Northeast Metro Tech to talk about our role in the State House and the importance of civics,” said Rep. Giannino, of Revere. “It is critical that students embrace their civic responsibility with the same dedication and passion they bring to their trades. Together, we can build not only strong careers, but a strong community.”

“As a former teacher and education attorney, it was a pleasure to join my House colleagues for Northeast Metro Tech’s State Representative Assembly,” said Rep. Lipper-Garabedian, of Melrose. “The assembly was an excellent opportunity to discuss the work of the state Legislature and to hear student perspectives. I hope that the event inspired Northeast Metro Tech students to become civically involved in policy issues that matter to them.”

Students reacted positively to the opportunity, and said they learned much from engaging with their state government leaders. 

“I felt like the assembly made me learn about the importance of making a difference in Massachusetts and every city,” said Ashley Diaz Lanza, of Revere. “We may not agree with certain things, but if we want change, we can try to make a difference. I learned a lot from the representatives.”

“I think it was a great learning opportunity and nice to learn things about local legislators,” said Valentine Romero Portillo, of Revere. “Local legislators are important. When wanting to change something about our city we need to start with them.”

“The assembly was very informative about civics and how individuals operate,” said Esien Clarke, of Malden. “I liked that each legislator gave backgrounds on their lives and what led them to be successful in their jobs.” 

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