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Northeast Metro Tech Dismissed Due to Propane Leak. No Injuries Reported

Superintendent David DiBarri and Fire Chief Michael Sullivan report that Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School was evacuated shortly before the start of the school day on Thursday due to a propane leak.

No injuries or illnesses have been reported. No fire or damage to the building has occurred. Classes have been canceled for the day.

The Wakefield Fire Department received a call at 7:09 a.m. that an odor of propane had been detected in the building; the school operates with propane gas. First responders determined upon arrival that the odor was emanating from the area where metal fabrication classes are taught.

First responders removed staff from the building, and held arriving students outside. Propane connections have been shut off, and the building has been vented.

Students were moved to nearby Wakefield High School, where school officials are arranging transportation.

The source of the leak is still under investigation by the Wakefield Fire Department.

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