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Joint Statement From Wakefield Police, Wakefield Public Schools, and Northeast Metro Tech

Chief Steven A. Skory, Superintendent of Schools Doug Lyons and Superintendent David DiBarri report that police and schools in the Town of Wakefield are working closely to ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff as the nation faces the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas.

As the heartbreaking and senseless news from Texas continues to evolve, Wakefield Police Department School Resource Officers will be highly visible at both Wakefield Public Schools and Northeast Metro Tech. There are no specific threats against any school, but police will maintain an additional presence as a precaution, and to help provide an extra layer of security and comfort to students and staff during this difficult time.

The Wakefield Police Department’s comfort dog Samy and her handler, School Resource Officer Kelley Tobyne, will also be visiting all of the elementary schools in Wakefield today.

Samy, an English Labrador, and Officer Tobyne have specialized training to help reduce anxiety in both adults and children during traumatic events, and they will be visiting students across town in an effort to provide comfort.

“The senseless violence in Texas is heartbreaking. It is times like these when we need to lean on one other the most,” said Superintendent Lyons. “We are so grateful for our Wakefield community and the caring, supportive people who fill our schools. We know this information is challenging to process. If anyone feels they need additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to building principals, counseling staff, or those of us in the Central Office.”

Wakefield Public Schools and Northeast Metro Tech will have guidance counselors available for any students or staff who feel overwhelmed or fearful as a result of the news.

“We enter our schools with heavy hearts today, and it will be difficult not to think of the needless loss and horror in Texas, but we are committed to working as a school community to comfort students and staff, and to provide a secure and healthy environment to focus on learning and growth,” said Superintendent DiBarri. “We will continue our close relationship with police and all stakeholders in our community in the coming days and weeks as we focus on helping our students and staff process what has happened, with wellness and respect for one another at the heart of our efforts.”

Chief Skory and the Wakefield Police Department encourage anyone in the community who sees something that they believe is suspicious to contact Wakefield Police at 781-245-1212.

“Anyone with concerns about activity they believe is suspicious should not hesitate to contact us so a trained officer can investigate and evaluate the situation,” said Chief Skory.

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