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Career Plans

Welcome to the Four-to-Six Year Educational/Career Plan!

Goal Setting

What can I do this year to plan for future success? Reaching any career goal takes a personal commitment. Developing goals means learning how to make decisions and then setting action plans. Even if you still have no idea which career is right for you, it is possible to begin some preparation. Goal setting is discussed at every career planning meeting:

Academic Goals/Technical Goals

Earn high grades to be competitive, research academic and technical programs and colleges, take required assessment exams (PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, Accuplacer), if needed, get help improving study habits, use agenda book, work on junior/senior project, and portfolio.

Personal/Social Goals

Sports, volunteer and community service activities, clubs, and hobbies.

Workplace Readiness Goals/Career Goals

Part-time or Summer Employment, research job opportunities, ask about cooperative education for next year (if applicable), review your technical competencies to make sure you are on track, update resume, organize letters and certificates re: community service and make list of who you will ask for recommendations.

Activities during the sophomore, junior, and senior years assist students in preparing to market themselves upon graduation to either employers, colleges, or the military. Sophomores are trained on the use of the website to develop an electronic-format portfolio. Information on career goals, skills and competencies, achieved activities, clubs, organizations and awards, work projects and writing samples are stored here.

Grade 9 Sample Goal Sheet

Grade 10 Sample Goal Sheet

Grade 11 Sample Goal Sheet

Grade 12 Sample Goal Sheet

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