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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a school-based and a work-based program. Students continue to receive their academic training in the traditional classroom setting at Northeast while spending their practical (shop) week employed by area businesses. Students perform work best suited to their qualifications and educational needs while employers evaluate the students’ progress according to their predetermined standards. Students will receive no less than minimum wage from their employer, with the exception of those industries not covered by minimum wage laws.

Students must meet Northeast’s prerequisites before entering the program. Cooperative Education gives a qualified senior and 3rd trimester Juniors practical work experience related to their vocational area. It also allows the student to refine his/her skills prior to entering the work force on a full time basis. Cooperative Education develops proficiency in a trade area, helping the student to assure a smoother transition into the career of their choice.

For more information on the Cooperative Education Program for 2020-2021 including enrollment forms and criteria, please contact co-op coordinator Rosemary Pisani at [email protected] or 781-246-0810 x1308.

CRITERIA to be eligible for the Cooperative Education Program:

  • Grades: Student must have an overall grade point average of an 80% in their Career / Technical area (shop), and an overall grade point average of 70% in all academics, including related class, each trimester, to remain eligible for the co-op program, or have an overall grade point average of 80% in their Career / Technical area (shop), and an overall grade point average of 70% in all academics, including related class cumulatively, to remain in the program.  The student’s overall grade point average cannot include a failing grade for the current trimester.  While on co-op, a failing grade will cause a student to be withdrawn from the program.
  • Suspensions:  Student must be suspension free (in or out of school) for ten (10) full school weeks
  • Absences and Tardies: if a student exceeds more than four (4) absences, four (4) tardies, and/or four (4) dismissals in a trimester they will be considered ineligible for the cooperative education program, or be withdrawn from the program.  This rule may be waived in the case of a serious illness, hospitalization, etc.  or at the discretion of the Principal. 
  •  Administration – Reserves the right to deny or withdraw any student from the Co-op program for reasons they deem good cause.

CRITERIA and additional information to MAINTAIN co-op:

  • Behavior and Attitude – the student is expected to display a level of maturity with regards to behavior and attitude that is a credit to both the student and the school. The student may lose the co-op privilege due to school suspensions and or detentions, depending on the circumstances.
  • Attendance: the student will attend co-op on an alternate week basis during the regularly schedule. If co-op is cancelled due to weather or unavailable hours the student is expected to attend their regular Vocational Technical courses.
  • Absence: the student will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity (athletics, club, Skills USA, etc.) if absent from school or placement on the day of the event. If the absence occurs on a Friday, the student will be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular
    activity during the weekend.
  • Attendance & Evaluation Form – the student is expected to turn in an attendance & evaluation form signed by their employer on Monday of following week.
  • Sick Calls – if a student is not at work and does not attend school, then he or she must call-in sick to both the employer and Co-op Coordinator, or the student will be considered truant for the day.
  • Job Termination – if the student wishes to terminate a job placement he/she must first notify the Co-op Coordinator as to the issues involved in the termination and then provide the employer with a two-week notice.
  • Safety and Health – the student received appropriate safety instruction in their technical program.

Documents needed for Cooperative Education Program:

  • Original Social Security Card or Work Authorization/SS # Card
  • Copy of student OSHA 10 or ServeSafe (Culinary) or FAME (Early Childcare) certifications
  • Copy of student UPDATED Resume (with updated phone and personal email contact information)
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