Articulation Agreements

The Tech Prep program is a coordinated effort by Northeast, local community colleges, colleges, other post-secondary institutions, unions, local business and industry to encourage students to achieve their greatest potential, by providing the experience and confidence needed to succeed.

Tech Prep is an educational plan, structured according to the student’s specific career goals, that rewards students with work credits or college credits for excellent achievement in their high school courses.

Tech Prep offers many pathways for students to transition from Northeast to two-year colleges and for preferential placement into programs or union locals.

Upon completion of a strong academic and career/technical program of study at Northeast, some students choose to continue their education at a two-year college for an associate degree, at a four-year college for a  bachelor degree, or as an apprentice at a union local.  To make this transition smoother, the Tech Prep program has developed agreements to allow students, meeting the necessary requirements, to earn credits for the courses they are taking in high school.

Below are the career technical programs are currently under agreements.

2018 – 2019 Articulation Agreements

Auto Body / Collision Repair
College Course
New England Institute of Tech. TT105 Intro. To Transportation Technology – 2 credits
AUB118 Welding for Collision Repair – 2 credits
AUB101 Fundmtls. of Auto Body Metal Repair – 3 credits
AUB103 Fundmtls.-Auto Body Metal Repair Lab – 2 credits
AUB137 Fundmtls.-Parts and Refinishing Equip – 2 credits
AUB138 Fund.-Parts and Refinishing Equip. Lab- 2 credits
Universal Technical Institute Tuition Credit
Automotive Technology
College Course
MA State AT Articulation Agreement One or more AT courses at a MA community college
Ben Franklin Institute of Tech. AT259 – Automotive Hybrid Safety and Technology
New England Institute of Tech. TT105 Intro. To Transportation Technology – 2 credits
TT110 Basic Engine Theory – 3 credits
(Auto Tech and Marine Tech) TT111 Basic Engines Lab – 2 credits
TT112 Basic Electricity Fundamentals – 3 credits
TT113 Basic Electricity Fundamentals Lab – 2 credits
Universal Technical Institute  One-time tuition credit
Business Technology
   College Course
MA State BT Articulation Agreement One or more BT courses at a MA community college
New England Institute of Tech. MGT127 Accounting 1 –  4 credits
MGT222 Accounting 2 –  4 credits
North Shore Community College ACC101 Basic Accounting – 3 credits
CPS100  – Information Technology & Applic -3 credits
College/Union Agreement if Accepted (Att., COPS, Math Prof)
MA State CA Articulation Agreement One or more CA courses at a MA community college
New England Carpenters Training Fund

Construction Craft Laborers Appren Program

Massachusetts Carpenters Appren & Training

Apprenticeship Training Co-op  (+5 points on application score)  Apprentices & Journeymen

MA State Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program (Locals 26, 107, 108, 111, 275, 424, 475, 535, 624, 1305  Senior Year Coop

Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship & Training Apprenticeship Programs (Locals 33, 40, 67, 218, 723)
College/Program Course
Electrology Institute of NE 80 credit hours
Catherine Hinds 75 credit hours
Culinary Arts
College Course
MA State CU Articulation Agreement One or more CUL courses at a MA community college
MA State Hospitality Management Articulation Agreement   ServeSafe (Food Service Sanitation)
Johnson & Wales University (must pass exams) CUL 1345 Introduction to Baking and Pastries – 3 qc
CUL 1355 New World Cuisine – 3 qc
CUL 1385 Fundamentals of Food Service Production-3qc
Culinary Institute of America  Food Safety (ServSafe) 1.5 credits   Challenge test: Mathematics 1.5 credits
Newbury College CU 104 Breads and Rolls –  3 Credits
CU 100 Culinary Concepts & World Flavors –  3 Credits
CU 299 or 290: Culinary Arts Internship – 3 Credits
New England Culinary Institute Scholarship Offered $1,000.00 per year
North Shore Community College CF 101 Basic Culinary Techniques -2 cr
CF 104 Intro. to Breads, Pastries and Desserts-2 credits
CF 108 Stocks, Soups, and Sauces – 2 credits
Design & Visual Communications
College Course
MA State DV Articulation Agreement One or more DV courses at a MA community college
Center For Digital Imaging Arts Tuition Credit – $2,000
North Shore Community College GRA 116 Electronic Imaging – 3 credits
GRA 118 Digital Page Layout –  3 credits
Drafting and Design
College Course
Ben Franklin Institute of Tech. AR100  Architectural Graphics – 7 credits for both
&  AR110  Intro to CAD
MA State Agreement w/MAVA/North Shore CC Intro to Drafting and Intro to CAD
New England Institute of Tech. ABT112 Technical Drafting and Graphic Comm.- 3 credits
ABT114 Introduction to CAD – 4 credits
ABT 115 Introduction to Structures – 2 credits
Middlesex Community College CAD 115 – Intro to CAD – 3 credits
Early Childhood Education
College  Course
MA State EC Articulation Agreement  One or more EC courses at a MA community college
North Shore Community College ECE120  –  Intro to Child Development Assoc-  3 credits
College Course
MA State Engineering Tech Articulation Agreement One or more EL courses at a MA community college
Ben Franklin Institute of Tech. EL 110 – Circuit Theory 1 (DC) – 4 credits
EL127 Design and Layout/NEC 5 credits
EL129 Design and Layout II/NEC II – 5 credits
EL213 Circuit Theory II (AC) – 4 credits
Health Assistant
College Course
MA State Agreement with HA CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant
MA State Agreement Medical Assisting One or more Medical Assisting courses
North Shore Community College OFT 116 Medical Terminology –  3 credits
ALH134 – Certified Nursing Assistant – 5 credits
BIO108 – The Body in Health and Disease – 3 credits
Heating, Ventilation, Air/C and Refrig
College  Course
MA State Agreement HVAC One or more HVAC courses
Massasoit Community College HVAC111 Basic Electricity and Control Theory
HVAC223 HVAC Service Procedures
New England Institute of Tech. AH110 Basic Refrigeration (7 credits)
AH111 Basic Refrigeration Lab (3 credits)
College Course
North Shore Community College BUS101 Math for Business and Finance –  3 credits
Metal Fabrication
Union Agreement if Accepted (Att., Math Proficiency, COPS)
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 & 63 Apprenticeship Program
College Course
New England Institute of Technology PL114 – Pipe Fitting Basics – 4 credits

PL115 – Pipe Fitting Lab – 4 credits

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