Articulation Agreements and the Tech Prep program

The Tech Prep program is a coordinated effort by Northeast, local community colleges, colleges, other post-secondary institutions, unions, local business and industry to encourage students to achieve their greatest potential, by providing the experience and confidence needed to succeed.

Tech Prep is an educational plan, structured according to the student’s specific career goals, that rewards students with work credits or college credits for excellent achievement in their high school courses.

Tech Prep offers many pathways for students to transition from Northeast to two-year colleges and for preferential placement into programs or union locals.

Upon completion of a strong academic and career/technical program of study at Northeast, some students choose to continue their education at a two-year college for an associate degree, at a four-year college for a  bachelor degree, or as an apprentice at a union local.  To make this transition smoother, the Tech Prep program has developed agreements to allow students, meeting the necessary requirements, to earn credits for the courses they are taking in high school.

Click the Articulation Agreements page to see which career technical programs are currently under agreements.  Students in these programs are eligible to be Tech Prep students.

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