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Guidance Home

Phone: 781-246-0810 | Fax: 781-245-0396

Administrator of Student Services
Tracey O’Brien x 1637

School Adjustment Counselors Grades 10-12
Patrice Buccieri x1609 ( CU, EC, HA, RA)
Dina Baratta x1615 ( AB, CA, DD, EL, MF, )

School Adjustment Counselor Grade 9
Patrice Buccieri x1609 ( Last Names A-E)
Diane Simons x1664 ( Last Names F-Z)

Bilingual School Adjustment Counselor- all grades
Maira Mejia x1616
Rosemary Ruiz x1663 (AT, CO, DA)

Social Emotional Counselor- all grades
Jamie Toomey x1300

Career Counselor – all grades
Jeanie Mills x1112

Small Business/ Community Coordinator
Rose Pisani x 1662

Prevention & Intervention Coordinator
Dawon Dicks x 1683

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